Golden Sunrise Retreat

Golden Sunrise

We Are Nature

Welcome The Golden Suns

If you are here now reading this page is because it is our divine appointment - some may say divine timing. 

I believe we are always exactly where we need to be.

Patience in life is a virtue.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. 

Although  I am simply a messenger - a conduit  of light , of love and of the teachings of the Golden  Suns.

Let It Shine

We are in a process of activation of the Golden Suns within each and everyone of us. 

Our primary tool is nature and healing techniques.

Out of all beings The Sun is the most powerful source.

Golden Sunrise is all around healing. 

In 2016 , while in deep meditation in Malta - I had a vision and a dream of a profound healing light coming from divine source - the golden suns. 

Since than this profound healing light have assisted me in many energy healing sessions - life coaching, trainings, deep meditations, yoga nidra, spiritual counseling and day to day life.

This is divine energy healing light is passed down from the master healers, ancestors and multidimensional beings of light to me and now to you.

The golden suns are full on capable of healing all aspects of our being and existence. 

Not only we can heal entirely - multidimensionally - from past and current traumas - we are now full on capable of updating our DNA for it's highest potential and de-program that which does not serve us.

For too long we have been living our lives with blinds, and false belief systems - it is now time to remove the veil.

If you are here now with me and reading this is because you have already done a ton of work to dismantle from false beliefs and false paradigms - you are now ready to receive the golden suns activation on a cellular level, as well as on the many layers of our existence.

Welcome to a new Earth ! 

Welcome to your soul tribe.

I honor your soul and your heart.

I hope you enjoy every part of the Golden Suns activation and full rejuvenation.

Nature is a big part of this process - together we will learn to ground, to love the trees and to no longer hide away from our highest source of energy - The Sun.

As you are going through the Golden Suns activation process, I encourage you to go in nature as much as possible. 

Take hikes in the woods, go swim in the river or ocean, walk in mountains and parks. 

Sun bathe and remember you are the ultimate beloved - 

Treat yourself to a massage or any uplifting spa treatment. Your body is your temple. 

When you love yourself you cannot help but love another. 

So give yourself the gift of love. 

As much as possible spend time in nature and with animals. 

Animals and children are sacred.

I will take you on a journey of the heart and the soul - healing every aspect of our beings.

Along this light path we will explore

Energy healing integration and activation
Healing Techniques
Yoga Nidra
Forest Bathing
Tea Ceremony
GroundingGlobal AwarenessPlanetary Awareness


Healing All Beings 


Our online platform  will continue  growing  unite us all together in community and soul integration.

This online platform is intended to awaken your inner light, is an activation of the Golden Suns within your own Self.

My wish is that this is only the beginning of a light journey.

May we all live a life in light.

Awaken our Planet and all beings.

We are the stuarts of the Earth. 

We are Earthlings.

We are love. We are light.

We are the ones we have been waiting for.

We Are Sovereign 

We Are Free Beings 


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Golden Sunrise

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  • The Sun in Various Cultures / Mysticism
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  • The Sun

Mandatory Films To Watch

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  • Setting Intentions

12 D Shield Building Technique

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Morning Rituals

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Power Walking

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Intuitive Eating

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Grounding / Earthing

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NDD - Nature Deficit Disorder

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Forest Bathing -

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The Light Body

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Yoga For Jet Lag

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Spirit Science - Channel

  • Intro
  • EnLIGHTenment
  • Toroidal Flow
  • Vessels Of Light
  • Water

Richard Louv - Last Child In The Woods & more

  • Richard Louv's important work

Whole Body Breathing ~

  • Sri Mati - Intro
  • Breathe With Your Whole Body
  • Daily Practice for Honoring The Sun


  • The Five Minutes Journal
  • Journal 1
  • Journal 2
  • Journaling 3


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  • 432 Hz Music For The Soul

Being Of Service

  • Journaling Questions

Edgar Cayce How to Heal Your Body [FULL VIDEO]

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  • The Three Gunas
  • Complete Wellness with Henri Folse -Ayurveda Counselor

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Waste A Little Time

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Multidimensional Clearing

  • Multidimensional Clearing by Nathalie and The Golden Suns ~ Healing Technique

About Your Instructor

Nathalie Croix

Nathalie Croix

Teacher / Life Coach / Healer

Nathalie is the Creative Director and founder of Shanti Yoga Shala.

She is consistently finding ways to deepen her practice and teachings of yoga, movement and shakti prana energy  through frequent investigation and inspiration from her mentors, her students, the community, animals and nature.

Nathalie Croix is a E-RYT 500 Hour certified yoga teacher and trainer, has a bachelor’s degree in dance and kinesiology, is a long time yoga practitioner having spent significant time in India during four extensive trips during a period of ten years,  training at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute., where she studied under the guidance of Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois and his grandson Sharath Jois.  Nathalie holds a Reiki certification at the first and second level with the International Center for Reiki Training as well as Rainbow Reiki. She has been practicing yoga for over twenty years and spent a decade on several trips to India to deepen her knowledge of yoga and it’s birth place. 

While in India she learned transcendental meditation In Mysore, with her teacher Professor Narasima, who is a direct disciple of Maharishi Mahesh. 

She later lived and taught for many years in Los Angeles, where she learned and apprenticed from today’s cutting edge yoga masters such as Annie Carpenter, Seane Corn, Lisa Walford, Maty Ezraty, Shiva Rea, Jasmine Lieb, Ganga White among many.

In Los Angeles Nathalie taught and trained at Yogaworks where she received her 500 Hour level certification. She is one of Annie Carpenter‘s first teachers to be certified in SmartFLOW Yoga.

She been a presenter for Wanderlust Festival and Rasa Lila Yoga Festival.

Today she leads yoga retreats world wide and has led a successful Yoga Alliance Registered  Teacher Training School at Shanti Yoga Shala at the 200 and 300 Hour level with over one hundred graduate students. 

She also teaches yoga teachers continuing education with YACEP.

Nathalie is a student of A Course In Miracles and has spent countless hours learning from her teacher Marianne Williamson, who she continues to study with on a regular basis, from wherever she is in the Globe on Marianne’s weekly live stream. 

Today Nathalie provides her community Life Coaching sessions and Energy Healing.

She is a host of her Podcast Life On Earth and the designer of her crystal reiki infused jewelry line Aghora Crystals

Nathalie is an avid animal lover, a member of PETA and has contributed and worked together with many rescue animal organizations on various projects. 

She and her fellow teachers at Shanti, teach weekly classes from meditation to yoga nidra to restoratives yoga – and vinyasa flow yoga, with a focus on alignment, safety, strength, and flexibility; as well as the practice of yoga not only on the mat but also off the mat, encouraging students to part take in many out- reach community projects. 

The practice of yoga cultivates awareness: Body, Mind, And Spirit. 

The studio welcomes students of all levels. 

Students will learn how to adapt the practice to suit their individual needs. 

Nathalie’s Philosophy :

Teaching yoga is a blessing and it gives us the possibility of realizing our full potential.

Yoga Is A Life Long Practice. 

Yoga Is A Practice Of Radical Acceptance. 

Yoga Is Love.


" Nathalie Croix gave me a long distance healing that changed my life. I was going through one of the most difficult times in my life after facing a very traumatic event that would alter the course of my life. I was in shock and incredible depressed. Her healing not only helped me over come my fear and depression but it gave me a totally new perceptive and brought light to a very dark time. I almost instantly felt better and had a whole new perspective. The daunting situation changed and manifested into something completely the opposite and became one of the happiest times!! It was a miracle!! I was so happy and full of life and love!!! I will forever be grateful for Nathalie's healing and the experience that changed my life!! "
Emily Cadenhead Designer @perle_mer & @savagethread
I thought I was merely getting a reiki session from Nathalie, but when I left I realized it was much more than that. Before the session, Nathalie had chosen crystals to use specifically for me and made me extremely comfortable on the table. I don’t remember much after she began, I was so relaxed. At the end of the session, she told me about some of the spiritual insights that she received on my behalf and it helped me to make sense of some of the things in my life that I had experienced. When I left the session, I had more energy and it felt like I had more power behind my physical movements. It was like my power was returned to me! I also felt more clear in my body and mind, and more efficient as I was going through my day. I felt less resistance, I felt open and capable of dealing with everything…I couldn’t believe the difference! I highly recommend anyone to have a session with Nathalie, she is a unique and has the ability to channel very powerful healing. Noell Eanes, M.Ac.
Noell Eanes Acupuncturist - Eartern Medicine- Spiritual Guidance
I first met Nathalie through participation in her Moon-Yoga-Acupuncture series where she co-led a group of us through intention setting, meditation and yoga aligned with the energetic power of the moon cycle. Those group sessions motivated me to begin to do much needed work in my life to be in a more joyful and balanced state. Nathalie has been a source of guidance and inspiration as I've worked through major shifts over the last year. She has the ability to hold space in a neutral and non-judgmental way. In doing so, I've been able to open up to the possibilities ahead and do some deep introspection and take action to get there. Nathalie brings an abundance of wisdom and experience to her students which she imparts with a sense of humility and in an intuitive and intentional manner. I'm grateful to have connected with Nathalie and know I have a place in the community she has created. Michele Oelking, MSW, AAC, PCC- Life Coach
Michelle Oelking MSW, AAC, PCC, - Life Coach


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